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2015 Tuition and Fees


The tuition of Swiss Semester is influenced by the very high standards of the program, the commensurately high cost of living in Switzerland, the highly individualized and unique nature of the program, and above all, by the currency exchange rate at the time tuition payments are made.  Since Swiss Semester’s expenses are primarily in Swiss francs, and in order to plan and budget effectively, fees are quoted and payable in Swiss Francs (Sfr.).  During Swiss Semester’s twenty-nine years of existence, the value of the U.S. dollar in relation to the Swiss franc has fluctuated considerably.


Tuition:  Sfr. 10,100 (instruction—very small classes, counseling, and support services)


Room and Board:  Sfr. 11,800 (four star hotel and dorm supervision)


Activity Fee:  Sfr. 4,900 (in-program travel—Italy and France, text books, lift passes, accident insurance, and Swiss Guide instruction—climbing and skiing)


Fees Not Covered:  2-3 “optional” weekend trips, roundtrip transatlantic flight from JFK to Geneva (group ticket discount available), school supplies, and health insurance


The expectation is that sending schools will pro-rate tuition for the students who attend Swiss Semester.


Tuition payments are generally due in two installments:  April 1 and July 1.