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Swiss Semester - Employment


Teaching at Swiss Semester

Swiss Semester is first and foremost an academic program, and as such, all teachers' primary responsibility will be to excel in the classroom teaching very capable and enthusiastic students. That being said, Swiss Semester is a boarding program and as such, teachers will have essential responsibilities outside to the classroom as well—dorm, study hall, advisor, trip leader/participant (depending on interest, experience, and abilities), chaperon, etc. Swiss Semester is a "family" atmosphere so it is important that all applicants be ready for the give and take that a successful family requires. The program is an all- encompassing three month position that requires high energy, a good sense of humor, professionalism, and passion for teaching.

Possible Employment Opportunities:

pdfArt History Teacher/Professor (Fall 2018)
pdfEnglish Teacher/Professor (Fall 2018)
pdfFrench Teacher/Professor (Fall 2018)
pdfGeology Teacher/Professor (Fall 2018)
pdfMath Teacher/Professor (Fall 2018)
pdfSpanish Teacher/Professor (Fall 2018)
pdfTeaching Assistant (Fall 2018)

Swiss Semester generally hires one to three teaching assistants to help in the classroom and with outdoor activities. The teaching assistant's primary responsibility will be in the classroom.

Swiss Semester is a fall semester program only. Employment is for one semester and future employment possibility will be evaluated after the semester. Employment applications will be evaluated starting in late January or early February of that year.

Swiss Semester is an equal opportunity employer.

Employment Application Procedure

A completed application includes:

E-Mail Employment Applications to: swisssem@mac.com

Application Timeline

  • January-March: applications received and evaluated
  • February-April: interviews set up for selected applicants
  • April-May: selections made and contracts offered
  • August: faculty orientation
  • September: beginning of program